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Sergei Ilyashenko, our leader,

Now lives in New York after a global childhood. Born in Moscow the son of mathematics PHD's, Sergei followed his family to universities around the Northern Hemisphere. A lifelong interest in military history has led him to collect Middle Eastern antique firearms and edged weapons. Long time friends of Sergei in Moscow and St. Petersburg became involved with miniature soldier production. So,11 years ago, Sergei began selecting and importing fantastic Russian Artwork and craftsmanship to New York. Having inherited his family's ability with numbers Sergei is now an entrepreneur in New York City.

Charlie Tarbox, Historian.

Charlie has had a lifelong interest in military history. He received a BA in military history from the University of California in 1970. He was an officer in the Society of the Ancients military history club before turning to the Napoleonic wars. He is the co-author of Armies on the Danube with Scott Bowden, a ground breaking work on the French and Austrian armies in their 1809 campaign.

Joining a reenactment group Charlie became the officer in charge of most horse-drawn artillery units for the 135th anniversary series of reenactments. Retiring from being a trial attorney Charlie opened a Bed & Breakfast in Gettysburg, Pnowa. where he gave carriage rides and history programs to the guests with his artillery horses.

Charlie now has opened Tarbox Toy Soldiers in Gettysburg, Pa where he is the shipping hub of the Lead Army website and contributes historical articles and research to the site and the manufacturers of the miniatures.

Nikita Sourine, the website's designer and webmaster,

Is a competitive skier. Flying down double black diamond slopes and runs throughout North America, he keeps his reflexes as fast as the the internet work he deals with every day.

When not racing downhill at amazing speed Nikita takes his decade of internet and programming experience to formulate and implement effective technological solutions. Fortune 500 companies have relied on Nikita's programming skills to increase their profits with automated financial calculations. His ability to work in both English and Russian is always invaluable for a website working with exquisite Russian miniatures.