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Theban Hoplite 5 C BC

Figure Id: GR04 Scale: 1/32
Price: $125.00 Height: 54mm
The City of Thebes and its related lands (Beotia) often are passed over in favor of their more famous neighbors like Athens or Sparta. And yet Thebes was a mighty city which produced much military fashion and history all by itself.

Our Theban Hoplite (named for the hoplon shield he carries) sports a variation on one of the classic Theban shield devices..the bull. Our hero has his combined with a devine influence with the addition of a god’s head for his bull. His armor is the classic armor of the Peloponnesian war era: metal and linen corselet, bronze greaves, hoplon shield and Attic / Corinthian style helmet. He is armed with a thrusting spear which he can use over the top of the Phalanx’s shield wall.