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Athenian Hoplite with Spear V c. BC

Figure Id: 5017 Scale: 1/32
Price: $100.00 Height: 54mm
Our Athenian hero leans on his spear and assesses the situation. The Greek Mother's words to her son, "Come back with your shield or upon it" spring to mind when considering the round Hoplon shield of the Hoplite. The designs on the these shields were not exactly heraldry. In the middle ages each knight or lord could be identified by his heraldry. In larger battles a common symbol, or badge, had to be used to group different hearldric soldiers together. The Greek city states were similar in many ways. Soldiers themselves did not have a widely known heraldric design. Instead each city had designs or badges which were representative of their group. So in Thebes you would see more of the Bull symbol, in Athens the goddess Athena and so on. However, with the demands made on the armies for long wars like the Peloponneseian war slight changes were made. Athens and Sparta had city arsenals. These arsenals made weapons and armor for many so that not only those who could afford a shield would have one, or if that shield had become lost damaged or destroyed at least a 'loaner' shield could be used. These shields often were emblazoned with the letter of the city involved...here a Greek "A" for Athens adorns the hoplon. If our hoplite were Spartan not only would his costume be different but his shield would carry the Greek letter L for Lacedaemon, the district ruled by the Spartans.

To round out his equipment our Hoplite has a shield hanging for artistic purposes and as a little more protection against a low cut or stab. He wears a pair of grieves for his legs and a Corinthian style helmet to complete his protection.

If one were to use only one figure to explain the armor and protection of the Hoplite this Athenian would be able to show you the entire story.