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Theban Hoplite Trumpeter

Figure Id: 5026 Scale: 1/32
Price: $100.00 Height: 54mm
Theban Hoplite Trumpeter

Imagine for a minute that you are in the midst of 500 of your fellow citizens. You are encased in your linnen corselet, your heavy but effective shield weighs you down. Your spear you manage with the other arm somehow. Now, with all those people and these narrow little eye vision slots how you know what to do or where to go?. Add to this that you are in a great bronze bell of a helmet which not only is hot and close, restricts your vision but it also makes hearing even more difficult.

Well, then you had better listen to the trumpets or other horns and pay attention so you don's crash into your neighbors or worse. Our Trumpeter serves a vital function for his fellow citizen hoplites and can and will be a fighting soldier too if necessary. He probably didn't buy his own shield though, as the Bull symbol appears on many of the shields issued by the city of Thebes. Like shields with Athena's Owl or the Lambda of Lacemedon (Sparta) the city arsenals could issue 'loaner' gear to its defenders but usually it was marked with the city's marks and not that of an individual. Our Theban hoplite signals his fellow citizens to advance in style upon the foes of his city and it can happen in your own home!!